Power Talk - Episode 2

Guest: Larry Youngren

“Power Talk” is Vision Solution’s podcast series dedicated to insights and discussion surrounding IBM Power Systems. Every month, we feature a new conversation with industry leaders for their unique take on our ever-evolving IT world.

For episode 2, we invited retired leader of IBM’s remote journaling team Larry Youngren for a conversation on IBM i journaling and High Availability. Larry is an author of a popular IBM Rebook as well as many articles and tech notes on the topic of journaling. He also brings over 30 years of IBM experience and a unique perspective on the state of High Availability today.

  • Learn how to meet timely recovery point goals through remote journaling
  • Understand the key differences between hardware and software replication
  • Get tips on how to optimize remote journaling performance and bandwidth usage
  • Discover the "Goldilocks Principle" of replicating just the right amount of data
  • Get Larry Youngren’s key tips on finding the right HA solution

Becky Hjellming, Director of Product Marketing at Vision Solutions, talks about the podcast featuring Larry Youngren.


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