Sponsored by Vision Solutions and Arcad Software

Welcome to iTour - a collaboration between experts from Common Europe and the local Common country organizations! The day-long sessions are a chance for you to network with key IBM i professionals and learn about the latest developments from subject matter experts at Vision Solutions and Arcad Software.

This year’s tour looks at the challenges faced by companies in managing data across different platforms, as well as how to meet the latest data compliance requirements.

For more information about the country-specific topics and agenda, please take a look at the country registration pages.


Vision Solutions will be covering:

GDPR – some hints and tips
With the GDPR compliance deadline getting closer many organizations need to make sure their IT environment is set up in line with GDPR requirements. In this session Visions Solutions will address some of the challenges organizations face when using IBM i to address GDPR.

Data sharing and transformation in real time
Data-driven demands are increasing the pressure on decision making in the area of data warehousing, reporting, analytics, and business intelligence. Learn how to unlock more value from the data you’ve captured today by transforming and enhancing it in real-time.

Make the POWER i server a Data Warehouse - sharing DB2 data with other technologies
IBM i is becoming the System of Insight for providing the right people with access to the right data at the right time – enabling them to make decisions to protect their top and bottom lines. Modern, cross-platform data sharing solutions are designed to allow easy, automated, real-time data sharing between databases – including databases on different hardware, operating systems, or database platforms.